by Jake Thompson

You surrounded

we a circle of sharks

that’s what happens when you shoot in the dark

future is stark, future is bleak

you always weak at the end of the week

the sheets are streaked, they reek and bleed

I’m drowning in sorrow they drowning in greed

grins on their faces in exotic places,

they laugh when they face it 

the poverty chafing away 

and the pace is too fast and they hate it, never gonna save it, enough to just brave it,

they can’t even take it, never gonna make it, 

you can’t even fake it, yeah, can’t even fake it,

they miserable, yeah, but they ridiculed, 

by people like you

why in the world are there people like you, yeah, people like you

profiting off of them you the elite few

business as use’

clown around too much, become one of them

few becomes a couple, quintuple the cash flow, 

yerp, quintuple the cash flow, 

still not enough food they need some supplements, 

but from where, they live in the rubble nests, 

nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, stuck in the gutters 

hitching a ride, starving to death, but still wish you the best

the money the power

as much as you shower in it, don’t let it change you, not your morals and values, only you decide what changes you, don’t let it change you

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